Do You Have Concerns About an Older Driver?

Talking with a senior about their driving is difficult.

The privilege of driving is one of the very first rights of passage into adulthood. It represents our freedom and autonomy. However, as we age, this freedom is often threatened. Without adequate transportation support solutions, the most prudent decision is often ignored. As a result, your loved one and fellow drivers are put at risk.

Nevertheless, the reluctancy to give up the car keys is understandable because it often leads to isolation and feelings of loneliness.

Did you know isolation and feelings of loneliness are linked to poor cognitive performance and quicker cognitive decline?

Senior Run’s companion driving service reverses the impact of driving cessation, which includes isolation, restricted mobility and loss of independence. Using Senior Runs makes it easier to have this difficult conversation because a viable option is finally available!

Now older drivers can

  • Safely travel to doctor appointments, activities and run errands
  • Preserve their identity and life routines
  • Improve feelings of social connectedness
  • Reduce or eliminate costly vehicle maintenance and expenses
  • Ride when they want


Create an account online with a valid credit card and pay as you go. We provide the platform for finding a companion driver, booking a ride and collecting your payments for service rendered. No contracts, minimums, invoices to keep track of or cash on hand needed.

Schedule a companion ride when you need it online, by phone or text messaging. Rate your companion’s performance.

Be a part of a growing community of caring companions who make safety a top priority but work to preserve an individual’s independence.